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Epson EW-M630TB Printer (Used) - Multifunctional inkjet printer with eco-friendly tank.

Epson EW-M630TB Printer (Used) - Multifunctional inkjet printer with eco-friendly tank.

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Epson EW-M630TB Epson EW-M630TB - Model Equipped with Ecological Tank.

About delivery:
Delivery of the product to the customer within 1 to 3 days.

Product Description:

Product History:
This product has only been used a few times, has never had any problems and the print is perfect.
This printer was reviewed by professionals from XTechSmart, a company with trained professionals that takes care of the quality of products sold by 1001MIX.

Main Product Features:
◆Unprecedented low printing cost & large capacity
Achieving extremely low printing costs of approximately 0.4 yen (excluding tax)* for A4 monochrome documents and approximately 0.9 yen (excluding tax)* for A4 color documents. Furthermore, it is equipped with a large-capacity ink tank, making it easy to print. *Please check the manufacturer page for details on the calculation method.
◆Compact body with convenient front cassette paper feed
Supports convenient front paper feeding for storing paper. Can store 150 sheets of plain paper.
◆“Just plug it in and fill it up” ink method makes filling even easier, safer, and without getting your hands dirty.
Adopts a "just plug in and fill up" ink method. Just open the screw-type cap and insert it to easily start refilling the ink. When the tank is full, refilling is completed automatically, so your hands won't get dirty and you won't have to worry about it. In addition, the shapes of the tanks and ink bottle fill ports are different for each color, so there is no chance of filling the ink incorrectly. *The eco-tank method is a method in which an inkjet printer is equipped with a large-capacity ink tank (eco-tank) and has a function that allows ink to be injected.
◆Other useful functions
- Equipped with a 2.4-inch LCD for easy operation - Equipped with an ink tank on the front. Refilling and checking the remaining amount are easy. ・Automatic double-sided printing ・Equipped with a replaceable maintenance box (The absorbent material that collects waste ink during borderless printing can be repaired and replaced.) ・Wi-Fi Direct for direct connection to smartphones and computers / *USB cable, LAN Cable not included.

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